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Advantages of Remote Diagnostic X-ray Medical Devices Prototype

Remote Diagnostic X-ray Medical Device provides radiography and fluoroscopy with easy patient transfer. Due to settings based on size of a patient and pulse modes system offers high image quality maintaining low dose. Dose control and measurement tool allow customizing exposure properties for optimization. It has a side-suspended design and wide range of motorized movements delivers more accessibility for easy workflow. System is equipped with X-ray transparent compression cone. Thus, the physician has no need to leave the control room as the table can be operated remotely. The low table height above the floor level and the additional fixation accessories provide the comfortable examination process for patients. This Diagnostic X-ray Medical Device Prototype is widely used in orthopedics, urology surgery, spinal surgery, abdominal, pain management , cardiology dept,digestive department, gynecology and obstetrics and so on. 

The work station has high-capacity digital storage function. Fluoroscopy and digital spot film can be lossless stored in digitized form, and it also has functions such as edge enhancement, multiple mirror image, gamma correction, expert template and CD writer. The large body frame provides commodious diagnostic space and more comfortable operation environment. The medical device prototype can be moved smartly. With dual platen human graphical operation interface, true color LCD touch screen, the operation is more intellective and convenient.

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