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Injection Mold

Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Acme mold supplies mold design, mold making, molding and painting for your products.
Our in-house injection mold or molding capabilities make bridge to production, and short-run production a reality. Acme 

molding department staff is well-trained and committed to meet your part specification, and to reduce mold development 

& creation turn around time. So you can beat your competition to market.

1.  Rapid Tooling
2.  Pre-production Tooling
3.  Production Tooling

Capable of producing low, medium to large volume molding

Acme Mold has built an inspiring partnership with our customers and support them in products with Best Quality and 

Strict Lead time, and Competitive price.

Acme is a true one-stop-shop specializing in rapid manufacturing.

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