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Are you looking for small volume production?

Recently, we got one inquiry of small volume production from client, here is the details:

Can you produce small volumes 2-10 units? I can send 3D data if you tell me which format of files please

LED reflector

About us:

1. We are mainly making Plastic Injection Mold and rubber compression mold. Sometimes we also make die casting molds according to our customer’s requirements. We are specialized in producing plastic products with the following materials: PP, ABS, PC, POM, PA, HDPE, HIPE, PS, AS, PBT, PET, PMMA, PVC and so on. 

2. We build hot runner plastic molding and specialized in many different systems, such as DME, Master, Mastip, Hasco, Yudo, Incoe, Husky, etc. The manifold recommended for your tool is selected to meet your individual needs. 

3. With our CAD systems we can accept following files: STP, IGS, DXF, DWG, Cad Key PPT, STL, X_T, CATIA, UG files, etc. 

4. We can use any type of steel appointed by customer or popular in the market. Such as P20, 718, 8407, NAK80, H13, S136, DIN 1.2738, DIN 1.2344, etc.

5. We have 40 sets of plastic injection mold machines. Normally, the lead time is 25—45 days. If the plastic moldings are very simple and not big size, we can work out within 15 days. 

6. We have cooperated with many international logistics companies for years. And we have full experience to manage the delivery directly to the client's factory or appointed warehouse.

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