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Benefits of patient monitor medical device prototype

This patient monitor medical device prototype can monitor a patients basic body functions like blood pressure, temperature, ecg and pulse rate / oxygen level. It integrates parameter measuring module, display and recorder in one device to form a high cost-performance, high safety and low power consumption device. Measured data can be conveniently transmitted by the user to experts via network for further analysis or consulting. Data can also be stored to the data center for future reference. The medical device prototype has high resolution LCD display. Clinical waveform and parameter trend review of the latest 720 alarm events for each bedside monitor, clinical calculations, alarms audible and visual alarms.


ACME specialize in rapid prototype and tooling in high quality. ACME is the real-world solutions for rapid product development. We are one of professional medical devices prototype manufacturers in China. If you are interested in our medical devices prototype, please feel free to contact us! Email: prototype@vip.163.com

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