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How Does Surgical Anesthesia Medical Device Prototype Work

Anesthesia can make human body temporarily unconscious to process surgical treatment. There are many methods of anesthesia such as acupuncture anesthesia, injection anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia. Anesthesia medical device prototype is the most used machine in hospital that belongs to inhalation anesthesia. 

This anesthesia medical device prototype is pneumatically driven by electronically controlled system. It is equipped with ventilator, LCD display screen. Made from polyester medical material, it has high strength and light weight. With a dedicated handle, doctors can move it easily by hand-pull. This anesthesia medical device prototype is featured with superior thin spray technology so that it is beautiful and durable. During the anesthesia, the patient’s respiratory functions can be managed by synchronizing anesthesia respirator. Each connection part of the whole anesthesia medical device prototype is a standard interface. It can efficiently control the carbon dioxide that inhaled by patients.

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