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How much do you know about injection mold design?

Do you understand injection mold design?

The injection mold is determined by the characteristics of the raw material. One is the filling flow characteristics of the plastic melt during injection, and the other is the shrinkage position of the plastic in the cavity when it cools and solidifies. These two points determine the particularity of the injection mold and the difficulty of the injection mold design.

Because the plastic melt is a viscoelastic body, the viscosity of the melt varies with shear stress and shear rate. During the flow process, the macromolecules are oriented along the flow direction. After the cavity is filled, the melt is partially compressed and cooled to solidify. The shrinkage of the plastic in the process is very complicated. The plastic shrinkage rate of each part in the mold cavity and each direction is different. The plastic shrinkage rate of different types and grades is very different. When the resin or plastic of the same grade is processed, due to the different formulations, the mold filling Fluidity and shrinkage are also different.Therefore, in the design of injection molds, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of the plastic raw materials to be processed, so that the designed injection molds can be used reasonably, and the characteristics of plastics should be effectively used in the design process.


In the process of injection mold design, there are the following problems.

1. In-depth analysis of the structure of plastic parts and their technical requirements.

The structure of the plastic part determines the complexity of the injection mold structure, and the technical requirements (dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc.) of the plastic part determine the difficulty of the injection mold manufacturing and molding process. Unreasonable structure and shape, etc., should propose an improved design plan for injection molded parts, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of injection mold design and manufacturing and injection molding process.

2.Familiar with the technical specifications of the injection molding machine.

      The technical specifications of the injection molding machine restrict the size of the injection mold and the range of injection molded products that can be molded.

3. Understand the processability and process properties of plastics.

  Including the flow position of the plastic melt, the larger flow distance ratio that the melt can achieve: analyze the flow resistance of the runner and the cavity, the discharge of the original air in the cavity, and the possible occurrence of plastic in the injection mold. Crystallization, orientation and its resulting internal stress, plastic cooling shrinkage and compensation problems, plastic requirements for injection mold temperature, etc.;

4. Consider the design and manufacture of injection molds.

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 The next news will talk about which aspects of the design and manufacture of injection molds are mainly solved.

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