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Inquiries of Sheet Metal Prototype from Clients

Acme Mold Ltd. is a professional sheet metal prototype manufacturer that can often complete your parts in the time with any thickness, any tolerance, any quantity. We produces precision sheet metal prototype to meet the strictest customer specifications. Each step in our production process is very strict. ACME has 15 years of experience in designing and fabricating sheet metal prototypes. We specialize in sheet metal prototypes from one piece to thousands of pieces. Whether your project requires aluminum, steel, copper or brass, we are ready to serve you. So you’ll be assured the highest precision and exceptional quality at any size. Recently, we got some inquiries of sheet metal prototype from clients, here are the details:

1. I am looking for low volume prototype costs for an aluminum sheet part. I can provide drawing and model. The quantities are 25, 50 and 100.

2. I have a sheet metal prototype I need. What kind of cad file do you need to manufacture the part. Can you work with .stp files

3. HI, we are looking for a medical silicone prototyping and manufacturing partner. Our product is a urinary external catheter. Are you the right guys?

4. We are planning an electric car, being neophytes we will need a strategic advice on the realization of the functional prototype 

5. What is the best way for you to be able to work with me and make this product? Do you require a cad drawing from me or similar? Or do you simply require a sketch and your design team can enter it into your machines?

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