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Latest Customer Inquiries on Medical Devices Prototype in Mar

medical devices prototype

1. Mr. P

2017-03-11 21:47:22

I am requesting a quote for a SLA 3D printed piece, white ABS, quantity at the moment will be one as it will be used for design feasibiltity. STL design file can provided if needed.


2. Mr. J

2017-03-09 08:20:59

Hello. I am interested in having a medical prototype made. Can you please let me know how I can speak to someone about the process and get a quote? I live in the United States and also want to make sure I would be protected with a non disclosure agreement.


3. Mr. A

2017-03-03 16:56:03

Could you please send me quote for a sample SLS and inform me where to send the necessary details


The above is the latest customer inquiries on medical devices prototype, it seems that people are interested in SLA, which is part of medical devices prototype. ACME offer you high-tech medical device prototype services, including stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), and professional prototype model making. We can also accept customized products. If you want to know more about medical devices prototype, welcome to contact us for details.

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