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Medical Devices Prototype: How Are We The Best?

Prototyping is a necessary part of any well-executed product development process. Models, mockups, and prototypes are something which is part of the job description for all the designers. Prototypes always help industrial designers and engineers get critical feedback on appearance, proportion, fit, function, usability, durability and more. Analysis can help build confidence in a design because it gives you clarity and perspective.

In an ideal world, production could be made at low cost, making it easy to build and test the real product. In the real world, time and budget constraints force engineers to build medical devices prototype with materials that are not identical to the final product. Creating a prototype becomes an absolute necessity because allowing your designers to test the product rigorously helps your product to get well finished and polished.

The engineers use software and controls engineers to finish their work. Medical device development places some special requirements on prototypes, especially later in the development process. They have to be creative to maximize the value of their prototypes. The developing team that we provide to all our clients for a medical device has to prove that they have tested samples of the device that will be put on the market.

To create medical devices prototype, you need a great design team that save the days of speculation about the function of a design. There is a strong motivation to be very confident in the design prior to committing to expensive tooling.

Analysis can always point to the critical areas of the design where strength or fit are most important. The goal is to select materials and processes that are good enough but not better than the final part. In most cases, engineer matches the critical properties to the best additive, casting material or consider machining the part from the final materials.
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