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Polyacetals (POM)

Homopolymers or copolymers made from formaldehyde.
Typical Characteristics and Applications
High levels of hardness and rigidity
Good elastic properties
Low creep tendency
Good friction and wear properties (slightly lower wear resistance than PA 6.6, but lower friction coefficient)
Cold resistant down to –50 °C, upper operating temperature 100 °C, 150 °C for brief periods
Low moisture absorption
Favourable dielectric behaviour
Resistant to petrol, oil and numerous solvents, weak acids; copolymers also resistant to alkali solutions
Practically no tendency to stress crack formation in air
Natural colour strongly whitish-opaque

Applications: precision components, parts subjected to friction stress and wear stress (bearings, gears, etc), similar to PA, however with better dimensional stability. All kinds of parts with high permanent load, frequently replacing metals. Components with flexible parts, especially for tear off closures.

Typical processing data is given in Table 6.19.
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