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Process of Silicone Mold

The Process of Silicone mold:

1. This process utillizes a RP master in the positive form of the final part.

2. The master must be sanded and polished to the surface finish required of the final part. This is critical, since the RTV mold will reproduce any and all surface defects on the master, and in turn will transfer them  onto the final molded parts.

3. The master is then mounted in a pattern box with the parting line built up by hand with model clay.

4. Uncured RTV rubber prepared by mixing with with the hardener and degassing in vacuum chamber.

5. The liquid RTV is pured into the patten box to cover the master completely.

6. Degassing in the vacuum chamber is preferable at this stage to avoid trapped air bubbles caused by pouring.

7. It required several hours for the setting of RTV, after setting,the RTV mould and the master are   removed from the pattern box.

8. Only one half of the mold is made at this moment. The other half of the mold is made by repeating the above steps with the master turned upside down.

9. One the RTV mold is ready. Sprue. runner, gate and air vents are cut by scalpel. Finally,the RTV mold is ready for casting.

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