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Remote ECG Monitor makes fast arrhythmias diagnosis

The examination of heart symptoms often begins at a general practitioner’s or occupational health doctor’s office, it is very important to provide the primary care physicians with effective diagnostic tools, as without the information they provide the diagnosis might have to be based mostly on the patient’s subjective description of their symptoms, which is often insufficient. On the other hand, having a specialist doctor perform the initial diagnostic examinations is usually not a good choice either due to the delays and additional costs it often involves. 

Remote ECG Monitor is a kind of portable medical device that can perform 24 hours dynamic monitoring for the heart disease such as arrhythmia, coronary heart disease and so on. The medical device prototype can be used in family, hospital, community health care, etc. By remote ECG monitor medical devices, doctors are able to obtain diagnostic support for the primary care, thereby eliminating the need to refer patients elsewhere for diagnostic tests. The medical device prototype is convenient for doctors to study the heart rate during an atrial fibrillation in different circumstances.

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