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Some Clients’ Inquiries of Sheet Metal Prototype in Oct

Acme Mold Ltd. is a professional sheet metal prototype manufacturer that can often complete your parts in the time with any thickness, any tolerance, any quantity. We produces precision sheet metal prototype to meet the strictest customer specifications. Each step in our production process is very strict. ACME has 15 years of experience in designing and fabricating sheet metal prototypes. We specialize in sheet metal prototypes from one piece to thousands of pieces. Whether your project requires aluminum, steel, copper or brass, we are ready to serve you. So you’ll be assured the highest precision and exceptional quality at any size.


As the leading sheet metal prototype manufacture in the market, we got many inquiries from our potential customers every day. We would like to share some of them with you:


1.Name: Tony S****

Email: Tonys***@gmail.com

Tel: +44 17****

Message: Can you produce small volumes 2-10 units? I can send 3D data if you tell me which format of files please

Date:  2018-10-17 22:31:33


2.Name:  Phu N****

Email: phun****@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 1331****

Message:  I am requesting a quote for a SLA 3D printed piece, white ABS, quantity at the moment will be one as it will be used for design feasibiltity. STL design file can provided if needed. Phu

Date:  2018-10-16 21:47:22


3.Name: musi m****

Email:  mm****@gmail.com

Tel:  +9725****

Message: I need quote for a sample Haw and where to send the necessary details

Date:  2018-10-15 14:56:03


 4.Name: Louis R****

Email:  info@****.com

Tel:   612-4*****

Message: Please connect with me and I am interested in seeing how we can build a business relationship. Louis R****

Date:  2018-10-15 09:18:53


5.Name: Anil N****

Email:   anil@****.in

Tel:   0981****


Date:  2018-10-14 02:31:34


6.Name:  Jakob S****

Email:    jsc@****.com

Tel:   0347****

Message:  Hi. I would like a quote for a sheet metal prototype for a small part with fine detail part (~15mmx5mmx1mm) class M1 tolerances. Could I send a Stp file to you?

Date:  2018-10-13 17:45:50


If you are also interested in our sheet metal prototype, please feel free to contact us at Jacky@acme-rp.com

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