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Successfully developed baby cry diagnose medical device

Brown University and the Rhode Island Hospital for Women and Children together developed a computer-controlled diagnose medical device. It is said that this medical device will provide new method to diagnose neurological disease for children. 

This cry diagnose medical device is a kind of non-invasive equipment which can be used for tiny infants. The working mechanism of the device system is divided into two parts. The first step is to turn the child's crying dump into 12.5 milliseconds screen. Each picture will be analyzed according to the parameters such as frequency, acoustic tone. The second step is to organize the data of the first step and reduce unimportant parameters. Those screens will re-record according to the baby's crying long pause, a short pause, and pause. This system evaluates more than 80 different parameters, each parameter more or less reflects the health of infants. Scientists believe that this medical device can help people diagnose whether a baby with autism, brain injuries and neurological diseases, and even be able to identify diseases associated with premature birth. 

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