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The function of the smart bracelet

Smart bracelet generally used medical rubber material, memory rubber material. Natural non-toxic, the design of high-end fashion, generous, not only has the function of sports health secretary, but also has the function of fashion accessories, appearance has streamline wreath, color diversity. Both ends are provided with a silver coated metal cap, is very suitable for wear, which also makes it different from the traditional bracelet with a card lock or button. 

Smart Bracelet internal built a life time of up to 10 days of lithium battery, a vibration motor and a motion sensing accelerometer. Hand ring end of the small size of the silver cap is used to change the settings of the button, and the other is a mobile phone connection for 3.5 mm and mm. 

Smart Bracelet this design style for the habit of wearing jewelry users, it is tempting. More importantly, the design style of bracelet is all-match. And don't look at small Bracelet size is small, its function is still relatively strong. For example, it can said is a high-grade pedometer, with ordinary pedometer general step counting, measuring distance, calories, fat, and other functions. At the same time, also has sleep monitoring, top-grade waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission, fatigue reminder special function. 

Smart Bracelet step function is mainly two kinds of. A three-dimensional rhythm of the motion sensor also a green photoelectric method, but due to the heart rate optical transmission measurements need to add a chip at the back of the bracelet, hand touch to monitoring. Its built-in battery can persist for 10 days, the vibration motor is very practical, simple design style can also play the role of decoration. Go to sleep, for example, before going to bed will be setting the jawbone up to sleep mode, the next day after getting up it with the iPhone device synchronization,you can see your sleeping time, awake time, deep sleep / light sleep, the overall sleep quality information. And for people who lose weight and fitness, "UP Jawbone" smart bracelet is a charge of the personal trainer, you can tell you the daily path of movement, the consumption of calories and calories intake, you can also set the target motion, such as to how many steps and how many calories consumed and so on, but also real-time display of the motion of the completion rate, weight loss and exercise can quantify, for not adhere to the people is a great boon.

Smart bracelet with top-grade waterproof function, can wear a bracelet in within 10 meters of shallow water or swimming in the river, to overcome the traditional pedometer is unable to track the defects of swimming, and the use is more widely.

Smart bracelet also has a social network sharing features, such as the user can sleep quality, diet and exercise conditions, as well as the mood of the record by binding Facebook or Twitter to share.For the elderly, it is still a god of protection. Through the built-in GPS connector, it can keep the body status and position at any time notified to the relevant hospital or family.

Smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices. Through this bracelet, users can record the daily life of exercise, sleep and diet and other real-time data, and these data and iOS or Android device synchronization, play a role in guiding the healthy life through the data. Concerned about the smart Bracelet mainly Fuelband Nike+, Flex Fitbit, Up Jawbone 2 and several follow-up of the domestic brand products.

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