Welcome to ACME !
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Welcome to ACME

ACME specialize in rapid prototype and tooling in high quality. ACME is the real-world solutions for rapid product development.  

Acme based in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2001. We could make low of volume to mass volume of product, now our customers come from all over the world, Germany, France, Israel, Australia, Russia, USA.etc.

We will take much time to understand your product development requirements and recommend you the better process. Our goal is to help you produce a better product, in less time and at a low costs.

Hope to build the best possible working relation with our customers.

Advanced equipments: 2sets SLA, SLS machines, 12sets CNC Machines, 2sets Vacuum casting devices etc. 

How you can when you choose our services:
Save time
Save money 
Improve quality
Increase efficiency
Enhance sales
Reduce costly errors in the Tooling or Production
Boost your company’s edge in an increasingly competitive environment
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