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What kinds of Aluminium parts are suitable for CNC machining?

In many fields of industry zones, more parts are made in Alumnum parts. As all over the world, aluminum material is cheaper and light, strong enough, easy to machine, polish, andoized. Now we make alumnum parts there are many processes, such as: Aluminum extrusions, die casting, stamping, CNC machining. Nearly the CNC machining is widely used to make the small to mass production. CNC high precison, good surface quality. In below industries, there are many parts made by CNC machining.


Air cylinder

Medical devices case

Auto motor 

Now in ACME, our high precision CNC machining could meet the requirement, and efficiency environment protection.
ACME is a Acme CNC machining factory in Shenzhen,looking forward to cooperate with you in the new projects.


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