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Infant Incubator Medical Devices Prototype

Infant Incubator Medical Devices Prototype

Function: Infant Incubator
Group: Children
Environment Relative Humidity: 5%~99%
Air Temperature: 20~37
Theory: Electrotherapeutics
LCD Display: Without LCD Display
Power Input: <=400va
Environment Air Velocity of Flow: <0.3m/S

  • Product Details
Servo Control Mode: Air temp;
Instant Parameter Displaying: Set temp, air temp, heat power rate;
Audible & Visual Alarms: Power failure, sensor failure, higher/lower temp, air temperature override, fan failure;
Power failure reset memory and self-test function;
Hood with dual slope: 4 hand-ports.
Model B-800-1E: 110 / 120 Vac, 50Hz / 60Hz
Model B-800-2E: 220 / 240 Vac, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Input: ≤ 400VA

Power Alarm
Power Failure: Activates if primary power to the Incubator fails or the power wire is accidentally disconnected from the wall receptacle.
Fan Alarm
Fan Failure: Activates if Fan motor malfunctions.
Sensor Alarm
Air Sensor Failure: Air Sensor malfunction, refer unit to service.
Deviation Alarm
High Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 1.5 0C above set point.
Low Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 2.5
Below set point.
Over Temperature Alarm
Over Air Temperature: Activated when displayed Air Temperature was approach 38 in Air Mode.

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