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Inquiries of cnc prototype from Spain clients

Recently, we got inquiries of cnc prototype from Spain clients, here are the details:
Inquiry 1: Hi there, I am interested in getting you pricing schemes and time frames for low volume production. If you can provide some information on typical pricing arrangements etc. then I can provide more information. Regards, Hayden

Inquiry 2: I wanted to obtain the budget to manufacture two pieces of each die with CNC in aluminum 7005 or in some alloy with similar characteristics, with a tolerance of + -0.01. The pieces are for a prototype and the shipment would be to Spain.

ACME specialize in rapid prototype and tooling in high quality. ACME is the real-world solutions for rapid product development.  We will take much time to understand your product development requirements and recommend you the better process. Our goal is to help you produce a better product, in less time and at a low costs.

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