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3D printing - a promising rapid prototype technology

Rapid prototyping technology originated in the early 1980s. Thanks to the rapid development of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) technology, solid model can be made by layers of prototyping material and CNC technology. Thus greatly reducing manufacturing time and improves the accuracy of the solid model. With the development of rapid prototyping technology recent years, and now the rapid prototyping process have changed from the original SLA to a variety of prototyping processes such as 3D printing, SLS powder sintering, FDM fused deposition modeling, LOM laminated object manufacturing, especially 3D printing in Europe and other developed countries. 

3D printing is currently used for rapid prototyping as well as some highly customized end-product. 3D printing technology now can print out many plastic pieces with complex design even metal parts with high quality surface, which is a big step for rapid prototype industry. But compared to other rapid prototyping technology, the price of its print materials are very expensive, and 3D printing technology still has to be further improved. So there is still a long way to go for large-scale manufacturing. But we can not ignore the impact that 3D printing technology will bring in the future, will probably lead to processing and manufacturing revolution.

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