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Patient Monitor Medical Devices Prototype

Patient Monitor Medical Devices Prototype

1. Operating System Licensed: Windows XP
3. RAM: 1 G
4. Hard Disk Capacity: 320G
5. Interface Connection: Keyboard, Mouse, Network, Serial Port, Parallel Port, USB -2.0
6. 24" TFT LCD Colored Integrated Monitor
7. Power Supply: 220-240v, 60 Hz
8. Printer / Recorder: (Laser Type) type- thermal; Paper size- no less than 48mm

  • Product Details
Dual-screen display; Real Time Clinical Waveform and parameters
Up to 64 bedside monitors connectable
High-resolution display of 32 waveforms for 16beds simultaneously with user selectable size
Review of the latest 6 minutes short trend and 240 hours review of history, trend, waveform, and alarm for each bedside
Display of multi-lead ECG waveforms and S-T segment
72-hour full-disclosure waveform store and review
Thermal recorder and laser printer
10, 000 history patient monitoring information
All-round system help information including operation guide of central monitor system and patient monitor; TUV & CE Marked / Compliant

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