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Remote Diagnostic X-ray Medical Devices Prototype

Remote Diagnostic X-ray Medical Devices Prototype

Type: X Ray Equipment
Radiography Ma Range: 30 to 500mA Total 8 Steps
Fluoroscopy Kv Range: 44 to 110kv
Power Supply: 380VAC± 38VAC, 3-Phase
Power Capacity: 50kVA
Rated Focal Spot Value: 1.0/2.0mm 1.0/2.0mm
Specification: CE, ISO
Classification: Imaging Diagnostic Equipment
Fluoroscopy Ma Range: 0.5 to 5mA
Exposure Time: 0.02 to 5s Total 23 Steps
Power Frequency: 50/60Hz± 1Hz

Rated Voltage: 125kv 125kv

  • Product Details
Patient data, examination and images database maintenance;
Image and video saving in radiography and scopy examinations;
Viewing and digital processing of obtained images;
Image objects scaling and estimating;
Examination archives operation;
Reports printing.
X-ray tube rotating +/-180°;  
Wide range of linear tomography parameters: 5 angles and 7 speeds;
Remote control x-ray exposition and all motorized movements.
Table tilting: -30°/+90°
Focus-film distance (SID): 1090 – 1500 mm
Automatic collimator with light beam
High resolution image intensifier: 9” or 12”
Generator: 65 kW
Dual focus tube
Accessories: Foot rest, Shoulder rest, Handgrips

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